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John Lewis

United States House of Representatives

“As Georgia’s 5thCongressional Representative, I am proud to support the efforts of the Millennial Civil Rights Campaign,” said Congressman John Lewis.  “Now, more than ever, we must encourage the next generation of Millennial leaders to take an active role in shaping the future of our country.  If we are to live up to the promise of our nation, we must encourage everyone to take an active part in protecting the fundamental principles of our democracy.”

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Andrew young


“Within the Millennial Civil Rights Campaign, I see informed, visionary leadership and a strong commitment to ensuring that all people can lay claim to their basic human and civil rights. I support Taos Wynn and the young people who are continuing the work that has been my life’s passion. I believe the future is in good hands.”


Hank Johnson

United States House of Representatives

“I applaud and support the Millennial Civil Rights Campaign – a new and fresh push for justice and equality in the new millennium. This intergenerational campaign is right on time,” said Congressman Hank Johnson. “Its focus on voting rights, living wages, gun control, confronting predatory lending and restoring human rights and dignity will provide us the road map to creating our ‘beloved community.’  I stand shoulder to shoulder with my Millennial Civil Rights Campaign brothers and sisters fighting for real and permanent change that will lead humanity forward.”


Donzella James

Georgia Senate

“In celebration of the 55th Anniversary of the 1964 Civil Rights Act, it is my honor to support the efforts of the Millennial Civil Rights campaign,” said Senator Donzella James. “Although our state and country have made strides towards progress, the vision of equal rights and justice in America have yet to be completely realized. Racism and other forms of discrimination are still alive and well, which is why as a Georgia Senator, I stand proudly in support of the Millennials who are organizing to help combat these issues. Together we will work towards a better future.” 


Park Cannon

Georgia House of Representatives

“It is my honor to support the courage and efforts of the Millennial Civil Rights Campaign,” said Representative Park Cannon.  “As both an elected official and Millennial, I recognize this initiative to be both timely and necessary.” 


Antonio Brown

Atlanta City Council Member

“As an Atlanta City Council member, I stand in support of the Millennial Civil Rights campaign and its vision to place focus on the issues that matter most to our residents,” said Atlanta City Councilman Antonio Brown. “I believe we must challenge the status quo and rise to the best of our abilities to successfully move our city and country forward.”


Dar'Shun Kendrick

Georgia House of Representatives

“As a Millennial Legislator, I am proud to support the work and mission of the Millennial Civil Rights Campaign to create generational change,” said Representative Dar’shun Kendrick. “I believe we are at a critical time in history where it’s vitally important to engage Millennials in knowing the history of the civil rights movement but also to continue to realize its relevance in today’s business and political climate. Supporting the work of organizations like the Millennial Civil Rights organization which seeks to bring a diverse coalition of bipartisan change is crucial to making this happen.”


William Boddie

Georgia House of Representatives

“By focusing on race relations, gun violence, individual rights, and financial insecurity, the Millennial Civil Rights Campaign will impact areas that are at the crux of issues in American society,” said Representative William Boddie. “I applaud an intergenerational effort that will leave lasting change, paving the way for future generations to be unburdened by our current social issues. As we approach one of the most important political times in our nation’s history, it is my honor to support the Millennial Civil Rights Campaign and its focus on formulating and implementing meaningful solutions. I look forward to the success of this important civil rights initiative for years to come.” 

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